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London is the "best business city in the world"

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London is the "best business city in the world"

Companies may look to make an international money transfer to invest in London, as the city is described as the best business centre in the world by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Talking about why businesses should locate themselves in London, group spokesperson Iain Smith, touted the city's credentials.

"London is not only the best city in the country - it is the best business city in the world, really," he commented.

Mr Smith said the region was attractive due to its vast selection leisure and cultural activities, which draws in the world's best talent.

"If you set up a business in London, it means you are more likely to be able to access the skills that your company is going to need to thrive," he added.

Furthermore, London's transport infrastructure links are among the best in the world, according to the expert.

He emphasised that not only can people travel around the city quickly but they also have access to Heathrow - connecting them to the rest of the world and international markets.

Businesses benefit from stetting up shop in high density areas surrounded by peers, says Mr Smith.

He explained that companies could feed off of each others' creativity and enjoy the "buzz of entrepreneurial activity".

"It is also the most globally recognised in the country," said the spokesperson.

"London is the number one destination in Europe for Foreign Direct Investment, so if you set up in London, you're going to have greater access to international markets as well because people from abroad are coming here all the time."

Ideal Property recently reported that London properties have become highly sought after by international investors.

Managing director Stephen Dyer explained that the city provided a safe and stable environment to put money into.

"It's where people want to be when things are tough elsewhere," Mr Dyer commented.

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