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Lifestyle buyers tipped to keep purchasing homes in France and Spain

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Lifestyle buyers tipped to keep purchasing homes in France and Spain

The appeal of France and Spain is unlikely to diminish among overseas property buyers who want to purchase a home for lifestyle purposes, an expert has suggested.

According to Paul Collins, editor at BuyAssociation, the two European countries both offer the same attractions that they did in previous years, such as good weather and an excellent environment for retirees in particular.

As a result, he believes these destinations will remain popular choices with people from the UK, despite ongoing economic problems in Spain in particular.

"There are naturally fluctuations that are going to happen," Mr Collins commented.

"But they will always remain strong destinations and they are always places that Brits want to go to and want to buy in, so I don't expect them to drop off the radar completely."

This suggests the number of expats looking to transfer money to the UK from countries such as Spain will hold up over the next few years.

Mr Collins's observations are backed up by new figures from, which indicate that Spain was the most popular destination among overseas property buyers throughout March.

Despite the growing appeal of places such as Thailand and India during this period, as well as established hotspots including the US, the European country was able to retain its position at the top of the list.

How the increasing amount of interest in destinations that are further afield affects demand for property in Spain remains to be seen, particularly since the debt crisis in the eurozone is yet to be resolved.

Indeed, director Dan Johnson said it is "only natural" that buyers are looking outside Europe for "exciting real estate opportunities" given the financial climate in the continent. Nevertheless, Mr Collins's forecasts suggest that a substantial move away from the established lifestyle destinations will not come any time soon.

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