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Kenya offers the best safari breaks

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Kenya offers the best safari breaks

Globetrotters may be making international money transfers to Kenya as they jet off to take advantage of the country's safari offerings, touted by Kenya Tourist Board.

According to the group, the region boasts some of the best safari adventures, featuring more than 59 national parks teeming with wildlife.

"Kenya's wildlife is the destination's key attraction and so safaris in Kenya should not be missed," explained the organisation's director Angie Sloan.

"In a recent market research project commissioned by Kenya Tourist Board, Kenya proved to be the most popular destination for safari holidays."

The expert stressed that the region has a long-established history of offering safaris.

"Of those surveyed, 83 per cent would be interested in spending their holiday in its national parks and game reserves - where they can spot the infamous 'big five' [lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino]," she continued.

The tourism group also touted the country's other attractions, pointing out that guests can take a relaxing beach break in one of its luxurious resorts along 300 miles of Indian Ocean coastline.

In addition to the famous "big five", nature lovers can take in the sights and sounds of zebras, hippopotamus, impala, jackals, Maasi, Rothschild's and reticulated giraffes and spotted hyenas among many more.

"A safari in Kenya means more than just seeing animals," commented Kenya's Tourism Ministry. "This is a chance for you to immerse yourself in a wild world where the fascinating natural behaviour and interaction between species will keep you enthralled."

According to the governmental body, the region saw over 1 million tourists during 2010, which represents a 15 per cent jump from the previous year.

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