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Capital Market Value of Iran Surpasses 165 billion dollars

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165 billion dollars Capital Market Value of Iran

Capital Market Value of Iran Surpasses 165 billion dollars. The Iran’s capital market value grew by over 160% to more than $165 billion because Hassan Rouhani became the Iran's president in the year 2013, August.

Shapour Mohammadi who spoke at a press conference, also said that capitalization in the fixed-income funds is more $31.2 billion, overall market capitalization.

Moreover, the equity traders’ number rose 67 percent to 10.84 million in the administration of Rouhani.

Much growth of Iran owes to the deal nuclear that Iran signed up with the world powers in the year 2015, which followed the removal of sanction years which was against Iran as a country in early last year. These sanctions were then lifted after when Iran came to the agreement of the limitation of the scope work of its nuclear.

Mohammadi said that foreign investors share in the Iran's stock market stand about $315 million. In accordance to the chief executive of the Central Securities Depository of Iran, who is Mohammad Reza Mohseni, the foreign entities number investing in the capital market of Iran, has greatly increased by 42% since the sanctions removal in January last year.

Latest statistics makes it that about 264 foreign investors got codes for trading, over the past year, and which appeals there was a 42% rise in comparison to the correspondence period of that previous year.

Likewise, German has constituted foreign investors in the Iran's security market considerably. Investors from the Russia, United States,Switzerland,Spain,Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom,Kuwait, Sweden,the Netherlands, China, India, Lebanon, Turkey, the UAE, Norway, South Africa, Greece, Hong Kong, Poland, Iraq, Syria,South Korea New Zealand,Pakistan,Luxembourg, Malaysia and Japan are trading in Iran’s equity market, apart from Germany.

“Impressive” is how Mohammadi did describe the growing of 32-foldin the attraction of the FDI and said that there was still a big deal of the untapped potential of the market equity for absorbing foreign capital in Iran.

According to Iran's over-the-counter Fara Bourse exchange chief executive, Amir Hamouni, 5 trillion rials (about $125 million) in foreign investment has been attracted to IFB, since the Implementation Day.

Mr Hamouni said that half the figure pertains to the debt market exchange and that the rest of it has shifted to its stock market.

Iran's equity market investment has otherwise been made easier since the Foreigners who dedicate themselves to choose to do business in Iran, can now open bank accounts in the Mellat’s Bank branches which are across the world then when they agree to buy the securities the same bank will have an exchange of their own money to the rails and at the rates of the open market in just a day. The bank will then apply the daily exchange rate average which is provided by theBureaux de Change Operators Association of Iran.

Mellat will have to wire the money to the account of CSDI with the bank, buy the ordered securities and as well as CSDI issuing certificates of ownership in foreign investor's name, for the securities as it does with the traders of Iran.

Mohseni says that the risk of foreign exchange will there be borne by the foreigners and the bank will just act as a broker.

As Iran’s largest lenders, Mellat had a signup with the facilitation contract of FDI together with Iran’s Central Security Depositories in the month of November, date 27.

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