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Investors need to research global markets

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Investors need to research global markets

Amateur investors should thoroughly investigate the global scene when trading before making foreign money transfers, according to Independence Wealth Management.

Rob Noble-Warren, asset manager with the group, suggested that half of the time spent trading should be dedicated to research.

"The greatest challenge an individual can have is lack of time," he explained.

"You need to put in half your time looking at the global scene first and then working your way down."

He continued: "It's not a question of knowing which trades are going to make money - it's a question of knowing the background to each trade."

The expert said that International Monetary Fund reports and United Nations reports are good sources of market intelligence.

"For instance, there was a goldmine that had a collapsed mineshaft last month in South Africa and investors were looking at satellite maps, trying to work out how long it would take them to get back into production," Mr Noble-Warren remarked.

"That's the kind of in-depth research you need to get into to compete on equal terms with the professionals."

Many individuals may have been encouraged to look for investment opportunities after being told that inflation is eating away their savings by Yorkshire Building Society.

The group conducted a survey that found that 96 per cent of its customers say they have tried to make their money go further but neglect the impact of inflation.

Despite 72 per cent making use of voucher discounts, 62 per cent taking up supermarket deals and 55 per cent eating out less, households have still lost as much as £2,500 in the past decade.

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