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Investors 'can expect more market volatility'

global economic environment for Investors

An expert has warned that the overall global economic environment could continue to deteriorate in the near term.

Chief investment strategist for asset management firm Black Rock Russ Koesterich argued that this will be the case.

He claimed that he based this prediction on the developments that have been seen in the markets so far this year.

Indeed, the ongoing economic difficulties that are currently being experienced by the eurozone would appear to suggest that the region is showing very little sign of a quick recovery.

European economist at asset management firm Schroders Azad Zangana recently argued that the results of the Italian elections indicate that uncertainty has returned to the continent.

This could have an impact on investors looking at international money transfers, as more weight is likely to be placed on political news flow as a result of the fact that no single party won enough seats to form a government in Italy.

However, Mr Zangana did acknowledge that the country is still in a more favourable position now than it was way back in November 2011 when Mario Monti took over from Silvio Berlusconi.

Mr Koesterich said that none of this means the situation will not improve at all throughout the rest of 2013.

Nonetheless, the expert did indicate that equity markets do have still tougher times ahead of them.

"If anything, we expect the overall economic environment to deteriorate a bit in the near-term as consumers and investors adjust to an increased fiscal drag," he commented, adding: "This suggests that market volatility should rise in the coming months.

"The fiscal drag does look to be a temporary issue, meaning that volatility could present buying opportunities for investors with longer-term time horizons. All investors, however, should expect more bumps along the road."

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