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How to make Regular Payment Plan (RPP)

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Investing Money Abroad'

More and more businesses today are looking at importing from overseas due competitive pricing and businesses seeking new opportunities. When buying from overseas it is important to maximise your saving at every opportunity. Whether you are importing clothing or electronic goods you will in most cases be paying in a foreign currency. The most efficient way to maximise your buying and selling power is to use a foreign currency specialist.

Why Choose a Foreign Currency Specialist

Using a foreign exchange specialist will give you more options on when to buy currency at the best rate available which could in turn allow you to buy additional stock in the future with the savings you make. Also foreign exchange specialists will keep you up to date with exchange rate movements and offer advice when currency rates increase or decrease to suit your requirements.

When making an international payment abroad, Foreign exchange specialists will always remit the full amount of currency to your beneficiary account. As foreign exchange specialists are bound by the Payment Services Regulations 2009, They cannot guarantee that the bank receiving your funds will not then deduct a fee. Always check the beneficiary bank for clarification on potential charges as these can mount up.

Some of the main benefits of using a foreign currency specialist are

Have market experts that will get you the best exchange rate available, making your money go further.
They can fix an exchange rate today that will be valid in the future, so you will be protected from adverse currency movements,
They can lock into favourable exchange rates.
They use the most reliable payment methods available, ensuring that your funds are transferred as quickly and securely as possible.
Personal Account Managers are experienced and approachable with hands on experience and accessible to you throughout the day.
You won’t have to pay commission
Some will absorb any international transfer charges
You can be confident that you are dealing with the foreign exchange experts.

Automated Regular payments

If you need to make regular payments, such as monthly or weekly payments for staff wages, The foreign exchange specialists can arrange these for you through a Regular Payment Plan (RPP).

The Regular Payment Plan removes the inconvenience of arranging individual transfers to each member of staffs bank account on a regular basis. Just set it up once by Direct Debit or for fluctuating amounts BACS transfer as and when required and receive foreign currency in your destination bank account every month.

Keep up to date with the currencies affecting you

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