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New Air Routes Improve Spanish Access

Improve Spanish Access for Brits

One of the reasons that Spanish destinations are such a popular choice for Brits, both for holidays and for investing in overseas property, is the fact that transport links between the countries are so good.

Now there is even more of a boost, with British Airways CityFlyer having announced that it is more than doubling its Balearic service for winter 2013/14.

This will improve the situation for travellers from London, as the regular flights from London City Airport to Ibiza and Mallorca that began last year have proved a great success.

Anything that can help boost the ailing Spanish economy is good news for all concerned, and the fact that new routes are opening up is a positive measure.

The Balearics have already seen the benefit, as during winter 2011/12 British Airways did not operate one single flight direct from the UK to the islands, but during winter 2012/13 they made the decision to extend their twice weekly flights throughout the season.

The popularity of the flights can be seen in the fact that two flights a week became five for Ibiza and a further four for Mallorca, making BA the only carrier that offers direct flights from the UK to Ibiza all year round.

Although massively popular in high season, Ibiza and Mallorca have all year round appeal, especially as an affluent demographic own property on the islands and need access twelve months of the year.

Mallorca is particularly known for its golf and has 24 of the island chain’s 26 golf courses. Although Ibiza is slightly quieter during winter, those with holiday homes often use this time of year for their own visits, having leased out properties in the more lucrative summer months.

If you are considering transferring money abroad, it is always worth checking the rates offered by specialist currency exchange companies, which are generally better than those supplied by the banks.

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