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Iceland looks to lure in tourists

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Iceland looks to lure in tourists

Tourists may soon be making foreign money transfers as they plan holidays to Iceland, following local tourism group All Iceland's touting of the region's activities.

Booking figures for low-cost airline Iceland Express show a bump in tourist numbers, bringing them back up to levels seen before the financial crisis and notorious ash cloud.

Last August, the airline witnessed a 56 per cent increase in monthly passenger numbers when compared to August 2010.

The company also saw a 49 per cent increase in the three months from June to September when compared year-on-year.

Brynhildur Sverrisdottir, manager and owner of All Iceland, said that the economic meltdown lowered the region's prices, making it an appealing option to budget travellers.

"We are seeing an increase every month on last year's [visitor numbers], and it is much better value than it was before the economic crisis," she commented.

Another reason for the region's growing success as a tourist destination is the the diverse array of activities for people do to.

"All year round you can go in the highlands and stay in remote cottages or huts to experience the Northern Lights alone among the snow and sky," she explained.

"You can go on a snowmobile tour all year round, or go snorkelling between the American and European tectonic plates."

The country also boasts some of the most diverse environments in a relatively small region, allowing people to take in a variety of sights and sounds.

"You can see more in Iceland than you can in any other country - you can go there for three days and experience glaciers, volcanoes and lava," she concluded.

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