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Government to encourage businesses to invest in the UK

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Government to encourage businesses to invest in the UK

The UK is already a popular destination with many international companies, which means there are plenty of business money transfers to and from the country on a regular basis.

However, the fact that London is staging the Olympic Games this summer could represent a particularly good opportunity to attract even more companies to Britain over the coming months and years.

The UK government certainly thinks so and is keen to take advantage of this chance to encourage more businesses to set up in the country, especially at a time when the economy needs a boost.

As a result, it has organised a series of conferences, summits and networking events to showcase the attractions Britain has to offer to foreign firms. This could also open up opportunities for UK businesses to establish a stronger presence in other countries and transfer money overseas.

Vince Cable, the business secretary, commented: "Trade and investment is critical to our economic recovery and future prosperity.

"The Olympic business legacy programme will help British business identify new export opportunities and tell overseas investors why the UK is a great place for them to invest and grow."

Prime minister David Cameron added that the government is working hard to make the most of the "once-in-a-generation" opportunity presented by this year's Olympic Games.

He said the special events are a "vital" part of ongoing efforts to "secure a long-term return to sustainable growth". Estimates suggest they will generate a minimum of £1 billion for companies from the UK.

The government is already taking part in the GREAT campaign, a further effort to promote Britain's investment credentials around the world, as well as its attractions as a holiday destination and a place to study.

Special events are to be staged in places such as Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Beijing and Tokyo over the coming months as part of the initiative.

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