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German cities ideal for city breaks,

German cities ideal for city breaks,

Tourists may soon make international money transfers ahead of travelling to Germany to take advantage of city breaks in Munich and Berlin.

Columbus Travel Media reports that the regions are increasingly popular among city break travellers looking for a weekend of culture and nightlife.

"There's quite a lot of prejudice about Germany, and that's probably affecting the tourism as well," said Coralie Modschiedler, commissioning editor of the group.

"People don't generally see it as a tourist destination. Munich and especially Berlin are really becoming more and more popular, however."

According to Ms Modschiedler, the cities have great clubs and offer something for everyone.

"[Berlin's] just finding its feet, as it's been [around] twenty years since the fall of the Berlin wall," she commented.

"You've got different aspects to the city, with the old and new, which is quite popular with tourists I think."

Meanwhile, other cities such as Stuttgart and Hanover are also gaining in popularity, despite the tourism press ignoring them as viable destinations.

"Germany usually loses out in the battle with Spain or France when it comes to holidays, especially with British holidaymakers," she added.

"But city breaks are quite popular, and a lot of low-cost airlines do fly to Berlin and other destinations."

Visitors to Berlin at the end of the month can catch the legendary performer Bob Dylan at the O2 World, accompanied by Mark Knopfler, on October 29th.

The singer and songwriter has 50 albums under his belt, including classics such as Blonde on Blonde, Highway 61 Revisited and many more.

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