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Tourists may soon be making overseas money transfers to enjoy a holiday in Bali, after travel experts described it as a destination with more "substance".

The travel information bureau, responsible for writing over 300 guidebooks for destinations around the globe, claimed that Bali serves all types of tourists.

"Bali - compared to some other beach destinations - is quite an active destination," commented the group's editor Mark Henshall.

"It's great for surfers, snorkelling and divers - which means that it is good for individuals, couples or families - because it's got a lot of variety."

Mr Henshall was keen to emphasise that the region offers more than just a beach break, pointing out the diverse animal life and environments.

"It has got tropical birds, monkeys, wildlife, safaris, exotic plants, et cetera," he explained. "You have got the lush, green hills and mountains, the rice fields and the volcanoes."

The country received a lot of exposure for its spiritual side due to the film Eat Pray Love, according to the expert.

"There are loads of fantastic spas, where you can have cliff-top views and natural ingredients that people can go and experience," he continued.

"But behind that, the religious, spiritual side to Bali is really solid and for people looking for something with a bit more substance to their holiday, then that's now more popular than ever."

Bali boasts a number of temples around the island that appeal to those interested in the religious aspects as well as those interested in the architecture, adds the expert.

Mr Henshall concluded: "They are often in quite isolated areas where there are monks praying and meditating and that is something that quite a few people are now looking for on top of their beach holiday to go and experience."

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