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French property market is "safe and simple"

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French property market is "safe and simple"

Potential landlords may being looking at making an overseas money transfer to France as the property buying process in the country is described as "safe and simple".

Property specialist Cle France explained that the country's system is "well tried and tested", with director Sharon Evans saying that buyers can expect "considerable support" from the market.

She speculated as to why people in the UK love visiting and buying second homes in France, suggesting that it is a place to relax for work-weary Brits.

"I think it is the way of life, quite simply. We live in such a busy place. Everything is at quite a frantic pace in England and people work long hours. When you go to France, as soon as you get off that ferry you just breathe a sigh of relief," she said.

France is all about timing, Ms Evans enthused, stressing that there is a set time for dinner, lunch, friends and chat, adding: "I think that is just key."

Before budding Francophiles pick out their new homes, they were advised to familiarise themselves with the culture of France as well as its property laws.

However, the expert reassured property hunters: "It is a simple system and a system that I think gives the buyer considerable support. It is a safe system, a well tried and tested system and it is quite simple and quite logical."

The French way of doing things was said to avoid many of the "pitfalls" inherent in the UK, with sellers being committed to purchases early in the process limiting the instances of gazumping - a sudden increase in price brought about by a late-stage rival offer.

"You don't get the to the situation where you have spent lots of money to, on the day before completion, be gazumped by another buyer," she commented.

While the system is supportive of new buyers, English speakers were strongly advised to make sure they bring a translator into the process.

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