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Few ways To Transfer Your Money Online

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Few ways To Transfer Your Money Online

International money transfer online is very popular especially with people who work in a country that is different from where their relatives stay. Sending money back home to a parent or a sibling is a very common occurrence. A few of the ways in which this transfer is done are:

Using an agent

The most popular and convenient way to process an international money transfer online is to use an agent from a reputed company that provides you with these services. All you will have to do in this case is to find an agent and give him or her necessary details of the transfer and he will do the rest. However, this service comes with a fee. The fee will depend on the amount of money, the place it is being transferred to, the kind of agent etc.

Wire Transfers

If you would rather trust your bank, then international money transfer online can be done through them as well through a facility called wire transfer. The money can be credited straight to the receiver’s account in the case of a transfer like this. Here too there are standard charges that are applicable. These charges vary from bank to bank and also depend upon the location.

Prepaid Cards

While both of the above mentioned processes have the option of being carried out online, they do not work out very economical for someone who does international money transfer online on a regular basis. In this case just paying the fees can prove very expensive. The option available in cases like these is an international prepaid debit card. You can apply for this card online for the amount that you want and send it to your relative. It will save you a lot on processing fees.

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