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Child Trust Funds are excellent investments

Child Trust Funds are excellent investments

Families may make a money transfer into Child Trust Funds as the Family Investments group described it as an excellent nest-egg.

The group offers advice to families looking to invest in the future, with over £3 billion of family money.

"Child Trust Funds are an excellent tax efficient way for parents, grandparents and friends to put a little something aside each month in order to ensure that when a child reaches adulthood, they have a financial asset in place," commented a spokesman for the group.

"When the first Childhood Trust Funds begin to mature in 2020, up to £2.5 billion will start moving into the economy each year allowing young people to meet the costs they may face."

Companies and individuals were recently warned that their savings could be being eaten away through inflation by the Yorkshire Building Society.

A survey by the group found that 96 per cent of respondents are trying to grow their savings by cutting costs but don't realise the full extent of inflation.

The group reports that some consumers have lost £2,500 to inflation in the past ten years alone.

Consumers are still tightening their belts in their daily spending, with researching showing the top three cost saving measures include using discounts (72 per cent), taking advantage of more supermarket offers (62 per cent) and eating out less often (55 per cent).

Furthermore, 45 per cent of people are shopping at cheaper supermarkets, with 37 per cent taking packed lunches to work and 34 per cent walking rather than driving.

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