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What is the best day of the week to exchange money

best day of the week to exchange currency

What's the best day of the week to exchange currency? Since the course is the most common reason for customer dissatisfaction in exchange office, it is important to distinguish when there is a good reason for the National Bank to appeal to the exchange course. "Unfavorable" course is not an adequate reason for the appeal if exchange office respect the regulations

Replacement of the currency should be viewed as a commodity purchase/use of the service: the price of the same goods/services vary from company to company, but it is important that the seller sells goods at a price that is highlighted. So, it is in the exchange offices. Conversion of the money has its price and the officer decides the "price" per unit to change the money. Of course, the reliability of the company where you change money, speed, courtesy, the appearance of the place itself will affect the price.

Very important thing in the finance world is that TIME IS MONEY. So, you should use the time to your advantage. Experts in the finance world came to the conclusion that there is importance in what time of the day you exchange the currency because trade market is very changeful.

But is there really a special day in the week which is the best to do an exchange? Some would say: „Any day before it drops down even more.“ Some would say Mondays as the first day of the week and the beginning of the trades in the market.

Exchange offices set their rates for the day in the morning and the afternoon on weekdays. If a major move in the market happens at night (when for example, airport stores are open) or on the weekend, then the shop's rates will probably not yet reflect the change.

If you watch the market closely and wait patiently for the right opportunity, you may occasionally be able to get physical cash at a better rate than market. The market is constantly reacting to order flows, news and its own momentum, so there is no a perfect day to do it.

A long period of economic crisis, rising unemployment and the collapse of the real estate market have led to the increased indebtedness of many countries and the emergence of so-called "cheap" money, due to low-interest rates, with the aim of reviving the economy.

After an initial period of optimism on world stock markets caused precisely these measures, traders these days slowly face the reality, because the macroeconomic indicators of the US economy, the Eurozone and Asia are not as they had expected. The real estate market in the United States, that was the generator of the crisis continues to stagnate, and
employment, while estimates of gross domestic product in the US and in the Eurozone is still less than expected.

Because of this, investors are turning to safe currencies and gold and silver, less currencies that are considered to be
risky: the euro (EUR) Pounds (GBP), the Australian dollar (AUD).

The best thing you can do is to hire currency specialist who will do the job for you if you are willing to spend some money and be certain.

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