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Credit card causes for alarm?

compare money transfer advert

The gap between the interest rates charged by some credit card providers and the Bank of England's base rate has never been higher.

A new study by MoneyFacts has found that some credit cards are charging rates as high as 30 per cent – with the average rate being a still-high 18.8 per cent.

But it seems a growing number of credit card users are getting the hint.

Spending on credit cards fell by 3.7 per cent in January as compared to a year before.

New lending for the year was down 8.3 per cent, but repayments were also down – by 7.8 per cent.

And that repayment problem is becoming a bigger issue for a growing number of people. A study by Equifax found that 75 per cent of credit card users allow balances to trail from month to month, instead of paying off their balances in full.

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