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Covent Garden tops tourist restaurant bookings

Covent Garden tops tourist restaurant bookings

Tourists may soon be looking for foreign exchange companies for spending money before booking a table at a Covent Garden restaurant, as Livebookings says the destination remains popular.

Colin Tenwick, chief executive of the of the largest online marketing and reservations for the restaurant industry, explained that the historic market in the heart of the capital regularly tops its list of top destinations.

"Our online bookings data shows that Covent Garden is the most popular area of London to eat out, with Mayfair, the City, the Green Park area and Soho and Chinatown taking the second, third, fourth and fifth slots," he explained.

"Restaurants in tourist hotspots and business hubs are often the most popular for people looking to eat out, and are more likely to have a high density of diverse restaurants from which they can choose."

Celebrity chefs, such as those behind The Fat Duck and Jamie's Italian, were mentioned as popular high-end restaurants, with the TV-stars charisma being big draws.

"Celebrity appeal is a huge factor when looking for a high-end restaurant," he said.

Bookings for the third annual London Restaurant Festival seem to support this claim, with TV-cook Gordon Ramsay claiming the top spot with four out of ten of the most-booked venues for this year's event.

"In fact, seven of the ten top restaurants have an association with a celebrity chef, and two of the three celebrities have had recent broadcast hits, showing the influence of TV," he concluded.

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