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Consumer fraud awareness for money transfers

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Consumer fraud awareness

Consumer fraud awareness – sending money to someone you do not know. Have you been asked to send money / transfer money to someone you do not know? Received an email from someone asking you to share their money they are trying to get out of the country, Please be very careful and consider the following before parting, receiving or giving out your details with any money:

If you are selling goods from an online auction site, do not accept payment through a Money Transfer Service provider. If a reference number is quoted to you as confirmation of funds to be sent, please phone the number on this website to verify the details. 
**Do not use the contact number given on the email.**

Never send money to pay for taxes or fees on overseas lottery winnings.

Never give out your details from someone who sends you an email informing you that they have a large amount of money they need to get out of the country they will use your details for criminal activities.

Never use a money transfer service / foreign exchange service you do not know of use comparison sites to verify that they are trading or do a search to get more information about the foreign exchange broker / money transfer broker.

Margins and fees offered vary but only by a small amount if the money transfer broker is offering better rates than the interbank rate it is too good to be true.

If the deal seems to good to be true, then it usually is. At Compare Money Transfer we like to put our customers first, and using the Compare Money Transfer comparison service is a great way to send money to people you know and trust. However, we have recently seen an increase in fraudsters, and criminals have tried to use money transfer services as a front for their fraudulent activity. They have done this by gaining the trust and confidence of the consumer in such scenarios as detailed above. So be careful

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