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1 GBP = 1.14892 EUR

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1 EUR = 0.87001 GBP

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Compare Your Currency

Consider the following before buying currency

  1. Use a comparison website to see which companies are available to transfer the currency of your choice.

  2. Look at the margin rates being offered, If they are offering around 1% or less then you are going to get a better currency exchange rate for your money.

  3. Where possible try not to use a high street bank, if you are transferrring thousands of pounds on a regular basis and have a really good relationship with your bank then you may get a good exchange rate, but in most cases foreign exchange currency brokers will beat any rate given by banks.

  4. Don't leave purchasing currency to the last minute. Use a specialist currency broker as soon as you know how much you are going to need to purchase, The more time you give a currency specialist the more chance you have in securing the best exchange rate.

  5. Use companies that are FSA regulated and who will assisgn you a dedicated Currency Dealer that way you can tell them what your needs are and build up a relationship with them, over time this provides you a better service.

  6. Check if the currency company of your choice has any charges, if there is a commission charge what is it and how will this impact on your transfer. Plus is there any charges to transfer your money abroad if so request a full list of charges and a copy of terms and conditions.

  7. When making a currency transfer set a budget based on the current market and not based on what you think it should be, if you are using a currency dealer they should be able to explain how the market moves and what is happening in general and the direction of exchange rates.

  8. If your currency broker reaches you target exchange rate take additional advice to see how the market is performing and if you don't take it are you going to lose out. Don't get too greedy and hoping the market continues to increase, listen to your currency broker as you asked them for advice,

  9. If you have regular monthly payments to make, consider securing a forward contract rate and always be sure to ask the currency specialist what the margin rate is on this as some may bump it up to increase their own profits.

  10. Look on at signing up to currency rate alerts like compare money transfer so you can keep an eye on the interbank exchange rate and what is influencing the market if you are exchanging money on a regular basis. Plus it is even more important if you are a business and doing regular business foreign exchange transfers.

  11. Always ask for confirmation when your Currency has been send by a currency dealer that way you can confirm it was the correct rate of exchange sent.

Buying Property Abroad

Are you considering buying an overseas property, most people are either looking for a retirement propert or an overseas property to be a holiday home and usually based on distance to travel, cost of flights and based on a warm location where overseas property prices may increase or are increasing on a regular basis. Some even buy property abroad to rent as an additional income or as a future pension plan, what ever the reason if you decide then ensure you use a money transfer specialist to do the currency transfer as it will save you thousands of pounds even more on larger investments or if a business.

Buying Property has always been considered a good investment for the future. Whether bare land or developed property, for you as a holiday home or for a commercial venture in the future. Property investments has made people millionaires but in the same turn has made people lose everything by not keeping an eye on exchange rates.

If you are considering buying an overseas property investment, consider how much land, how large the property is and if you are considering renting what your imcome will be and will it cover the mortgage if you have one. Look at the area surrounding the property and speak to the people in the area to get a feel and have they seen a return or is there any problems you should be aware of.

Investment opportunities such as ‘off plan' purchases, where you invest at the very outset of a project and developers often give a discount on price or offer a lower rates can be appealing. Ensure you get the full picture from them and guaranteed that your property will be built and what is your return going to be.

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