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China and India offer rich rewards for business investors

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China and India still offer rich rewards for business investors

Businesses making international money transfers to China and India to invest in their growing economies could enjoy rich rewards if they tread sensibly, it has been suggested.

David Kuo, director at The Motley Fool (, acknowledged that these can be "risky" markets to enter.

However, he insisted that for those who get it right, the benefits can be great.

"The stock market is doing well, the economies are doing very well and the currencies are doing very well," he pointed out.

"So when businesses have a look at the risk and then compare that to the rewards they are likely to get, it doesn't really look that bad."

Mr Kuo claimed that "any kind of infrastructure" in China or India would be worth investing in.

"We know that in China, they have energy problems, they have sewage problems and water problems," he pointed out.

"That is almost identical with India. What these two countries really need to do is to get their infrastructure right."

Mr Kuo's comments come as the UK signs a £1.4 billion trade deal with China.

Announcing the agreement, prime minister David Cameron said the country provides a "huge opportunity" for UK businesses.

During talks in Downing Street, he and China's premier Wen Jiabao restated their commitment to doubling the value of two-way trade between the nations by 2015.

As part of the deal, UK companies will enjoy greater access to China's architecture, civil engineering and research and development markets.

Export opportunities have also been opened up for UK meat producers, with the lifting of a ban on British poultry exports and a commitment to sell more pork products to China.

"Trade with China is a huge opportunity for the UK but we have a lot to offer China as well," said Mr Cameron.

"Building on this trade and investment will mean jobs, growth and prosperity for all of us."

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