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Casco Financial Services (Trading as Casco FX).

options instead of using a bank

Casco Financial Services

CascoFX are a foreign exchange company that sets itself apart from others by offering excellent value for money and great customer care.

CascoFX believe in giving unbiased guidance to each and every client on a daily basis - helping them get the best value from their exchange. Collectively my team have had over 60 years trading and customer care experience in the City of London, CascoFX believe that this ensures the customer is served correctly and that they receive excellent value on each and every transaction.

The Casco team that makes it all happen has integrity, commitment and above all, a total desire to help and assist. It is made up of a mixture of skills, backgrounds and general Financial Markets experience but every team member has one thing in common - they are all dedicated to giving excellent service to all our clients.

So Why Casco FX

Casco Based in the city of London, Casco Financial Services Limited works within the institutional brokers and market leaders who deal with the largest banks and hedge funds. Using Casco Financial Services Limited means you have a wealth of expertise and experience on hand to help you manage and keep control of all your foreign currency exposure.

Due to Casco market position as a leading Forex broker, CascoFX can offer superior exchange rates at a fraction of the cost along with the ability to deliver your payments securely all in the same day

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