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Buy-to-let will appeal to investors, says expert

Buy to let sees swarm of investors buying

Entrepreneurs could soon be making business money transfers into the UK as a property industry expert says that the buy-to-let market will appeal to investors.

New landlords are likely to enter the buy-to-let market in the near future as a result of the transparency of the investments, claimed Malcolm Harrison, an independent property expert.

He explained that investors whose "ability to make money" remained robust despite the global economic downturn will be looking for a safe place to put their capital.

Speaking of potential new landlords, he commented: "They will be looking for investments and the advantage of property investment is the same as it always was."

Mr Harrison described buy-to-let as a "long-term investment" saying that fly by night investors who sought a fast turnover suffered, however, patient landlords reaped the rewards.

"The people who got burnt before the crash were those who saw it as a speculative investment; they thought they could buy, let it for a couple of years and then flog it."

He added: "The mature investor recognises that a buy-to-let investment is for at least ten years if not more."

There are advantages to investing in property directly rather than trusting savings with a fund manager, according to the expert, who said that landlords had a tangible and understandable investment.

A report by estate agent Savills on July 6th found that London rents have been on the increase across all areas ahead of inflation for the past 18 months.

Prime London rents rose by ten per cent in the past year and 1.8 per cent in the last quarter alone, with demand from city-based tenants driving up rents.

"A number of different factors are now driving the market," explained Yolande Barnes, head of residential research. "A boost in demand from international and corporate tenants is driving values in central locations."

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