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Businesses turn to credit cards for funds

options instead of using a bank

Growing numbers of entrepreneurs are relying on credit cards to finance their businesses.

That's according to new research which suggests that more than three quarters of entrepreneurs and small businesses are hoping to secure funds in 2010 and 59 per cent said they expected this to be difficult.

As a result, one in four said that they planned to use credit cards in order to provide the funding.

Nevertheless, the Entrepreneurs Organisation and Investec study found that 72 per cent of those polled saw the current economic conditions as an opportunity rather than a threat.

That puts the responsibility back onto the banks to start lending to small businesses again, particularly with average interest rates on credit cards at record levels.

Nevertheless, the poll follows figures showing that overall demand for finance from small businesses at the end of 2009 was down 25 per cent from its 2008 high.

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