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Hi Eric Sorry You are not correct Before December 31st, 2011 it was neacssery for all non-Bulgarian nationals to set-up a company in order to own any property in Bulgaria This was because of Bulgarian law which was changed due to the Treaty of Accession which Bulgaria signed in order to join the European Union Annex 6 of the Treaty, however, allowed Bulgaria to keep their national law for 5 years with regard to residential properties and 7 years with regard to agricultural or forestry properties. The treaties 5 year period expired on January 1st, 2012 Subsequentl to that date, any EU citizen should be able to purchase a residential property without the requirement (need) to set-up a company As of January 1st, 2014 EU citizens will be able to purchase agricultural and forestry land without this same requirement Unfortunately, most real estate agents operating in Bulgaria have made massive over-rides for helping clients set-up companies to comply with old laws Many insist that such a requirement still exists in their efforts to protect their incomes However, unless Bulgaria withdraws from their desire to join the European Union, the country is stuck with the treaty provisions We suggest you understand the treaty provisions and suggest that any agent who advises you differently should create in you a notice of self-interest and not that of his/her client YOU!!!Hope this clarifies things for you If not please correspond directly with our website owner (who is a lawyer) and remains open to assisting with any problems you encounter You can reach him at: All The Best!

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