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Brazil recommended to overseas property investors

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Brazil recommended to overseas property investors

Foreign property buyers in Britain who are planning to make a purchase have been pointed towards the Brazilian market.

According to Housetech Developments, the South American nation offers great prospects for anyone who is buying for investment purposes.

This, it said, is partly because its economy is growing at a time when many other countries around the world are struggling to achieve growth.

As a result, arranging an international money transfer from the UK to Brazil in order to purchase a property could be lucrative for investors further down the line.

Waseem Saddique, chief executive of Housetech Developments, said the country's investment potential is being fuelled partly by the fact it is set to host two major international sporting events in the next few years.

Indeed, the Fifa World Cup is being staged in Brazil in 2014, while the 2016 Olympic Games will be put on in Rio de Janeiro. Mr Saddique said this means the need for new developments and housing across the country has risen to "staggering heights".

"Prospects are fantastic - prospects are great for people who are looking to invest," he commented.

"The economy is steaming ahead while others are being downgraded."

Mr Saddique added that the recent discovery of some "oil-rich areas of land" along the Brazilian coastline has also fuelled additional international interest in the country.

He said the country has now turned into a "prime hotspot" for real estate investors around the world. Buyers who want to keep up to date with ongoing developments in Brazil were encouraged to check the news page on

This comes after the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate described Brazil as one of the top two locations in the world when it comes to capital appreciation potential, as it has overtaken China in the last year and now ranks only behind the US.

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