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Brazil 'offers a strong property market'

Brazil 'offers a strong property market'

Foreign property buyers who are looking to get good returns on their investment have been pointed towards Brazil.

According to, the country currently boasts the strongest property market in South America.

As a result, the organisation believes Brazil could represent a "very good prospect" for overseas property investors.

"In terms of construction on new projects that have been put forward and planned, it doesn't seem to be slowing down either, which has happened to a lot of other countries," said Paul Collins, editor of

Investors could find now a particularly good time to make an overseas money transfer to Brazil and enter its real estate market, as the country is currently gearing up to host two major sporting events.

The Fifa World Cup is being staged across the country in summer 2014, while Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the Olympic Games two years later.

As a result, authorities are investing in major infrastructure upgrades in order to ensure the country is able to handle a significant increase in visitor numbers. These improvements should also benefit the local population and guarantee the sporting events leave behind a positive legacy for Brazil.

Mr Collins noted that officials are working to ensure that new developments do not dent the appeal of Brazil's most popular holiday destinations.

Indeed, he said the government is exercising restrictions and controls on various projects to help "maintain the integrity of the area" for visitors.

Mr Collins stated that this is a particular priority in the north-east of the country, which boasts tourist hotspots such as Fortaleza and Natal.

He added that the Brazilian government has done a good job of managing its economy and ensuring it remains stable. For instance, Mr Collins noted that a hike in interest rates has helped to "combat reasonably high inflation".

"It does seem to be having an effect," he commented.

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