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Brazil 'is an up-and-coming investment location'

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Brazil 'is an up-and-coming investment location'

Brazil has been hailed as a good place for prospective house buyers interested in foreign property to invest. Paul Collins, editor of overseas property advice website BuyAssociation, pointed out that Brazil has managed to combine two of the most important factors in an ideal investment property market.

He explained that Brazil is considered an emerging market in the sense that it is still being discovered by investors and tourists alike, yet the country's economy has developed to such an extent that it is expected to become the fifth largest in the world in just a few short years.

Mr Collins also pointed out that Brazil is set to host a series of highly-anticipated sporting events, which could further increase interest in the country.

"The fact that both the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games will be hosted in Brazil within the next six years [will bring] global attention to the region," he said.

As South America's biggest country, Brazil boasts large expanses of space and diverse regions to suit every taste in property and lifestyle.

For those who prefer the fast pace and hustle and bustle of urban living, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo come recommended. These large cities feature a range of smart urban dwellings and apartment blocks that overlook the sea and the vibrant cityscape down below.

Prospective property buyers seeking older, colonial-style architecture could narrow their search down to the north-east coastal region of Salvador in the state of Bahia, which features quaint brightly coloured houses that line narrow cobblestone alleyways.

Those about to purchase properties in Brazil should make sure that they make use of a reputable international money transfer company and get the necessary advice before completing their transaction.

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