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Foreign exchange news and affairs written by CMT news teams. Covering foreign exchange account payment providers, Latest news by our team at money transfer comparison. Find more about foreign exchange and how to secure the very best currency rates. Find out more about foreign exchange and how to secure the very best currency rates when you are looking to send money abroad.

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Money as a Medium of Exchange?
Globally, money is an acceptable form of payment for the majority of products or services, or as the mode of payment for different obligations. It is a medium of exchange with a specific value by which the value of all other things or commodities can be measured. This, in turn, facilitates trade and allows modern economies to enjoy the benefits of the equal division of the labour. Money has three characteristics that make it desirable to be used as a medium of exchange. It offers:

  • a means of payment;
  • a unit of account;
  • a store of value;

At the same time, it is important to exchange foreign money (currency) whenever one is travelling to another country. This provides money or says printed currency for situations in which only cash is accepted such as taxis’ bill and tipping at restaurants. However, if you don't exchange money before leaving, don't forget to carry enough money before your trip to exchange it before you board the plane for the country you are visiting. At the same time, as a caution, one should not "exchange" foreign currency with strangers unless you are sure of the current exchange rate?

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Means of Payments; Money is an accepted unit of exchange for goods and services or for the satisfaction of obligations, such as debt, because it is standardized into specific units with particular values. Hence, it is much easier to assess its value and can be readily exchanged. It is divisible into smaller units to make smaller payments, or large amounts of money can be carried with much less burden than carrying the equivalent value of barter.

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Whether you are a business or individual based in London, Limerick, Lima or Lisbon; if you send money abroad you will need to get the right money transfer rates. Getting the right currency money transfers is very important.

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