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Workers 'willing to relocate abroad for higher salary'

options instead of using a bank

Many people relocate to other countries primarily for lifestyle reasons. With the prospect of sunny weather, reduced living costs. And a more relaxed lifestyle proving to be very tempting.

However, more practical considerations could be motivating some aspiring expatriates. Particularly at a time when conditions in the global economy remain subdued.

According to research by Ipsos Global Public Affairs. Nearly half of all workers would think about accepting a job offer in another country. If it meant they could get a ten percent pay increase.

This suggests many of the expats who are arranging a foreign exchange comparison may be employees looking to take advantage of career opportunities. Rather than retirees who are seeking to settle down in sunnier climes.

The findings also indicate that economic problems in their home country may be making some people willing to consider heading to other parts of the world.

Overseas Wage Payments

Keren Gottfried, Ipsos's research manager. Commented: "Businesses are more globalised than ever before and there is a need to move more and more people around."

However, she stressed that while employees are often open to the idea of working overseas. And in some cases are very keen to go abroad, they must ensure a decent benefits package is put in place for them.

"It's important to get the details right so that more people are willing to move," Mr Gottfried commented.

Some 19 percent of those polled revealed they would be "very likely" to accept a job offer if it involved setting up home in another country. And getting a ten percent salary increase. Meanwhile, 30 percent said they would be "somewhat likely" to take the position.

Ipsos, which carried out the survey in 24 nations. Also discovered that 36 percent would be put off working abroad. If they felt they not adequately compensated, while 36 percent cited an unwillingness to leave friends and relatives behind.

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