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I have always dreamed of moving to Spain and visit there every year. Well, I was so happy when I decided to cash in on my house and move to Spain, I had seen a property that I wanted and in an area where I was close to town and the nightlife. The property was a little expensive and out of my range when I went to my bank and asked them to convert my saving into euros so I could see how much I would get.
A friend told me to check out which I did and using their currency calculator I could see a dramatic saving. I couldn't believe the difference in amounts. we are not talking about a few hundred quid we are talking about 65,000 difference in euros. I phoned my bank to see if they could match it and they said these were our rates. I then signed up to two currency brokers as advised by the site and then gave them each my requirements not telling them I had signed up with another company.

Again I was shocked, with a little dithering with the companies the amount increased to 69,000 euros difference, well the asking price difference was 50,000 euros which would now cover and also money to buy a new car and decorate the place to my taste. I did the transaction via a currency broker as advised on and would like to thank all the people working in the company for the advice and information as I now have my dream home. Thanks

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