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Cheapest way to send money transfer to South Africa

South Africa is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for prospective buyers to invest in real estate.

Sue McDermott, co-founder of property search and relocation firm Said areas such as Hout Bay are consistently popular among those looking to invest in South African property due to its prime location on the coast.

Ms McDermott pointed out that Hout Bay offers a diverse range of property types. Including traditional houses or apartments.

"You can get a Cape Dutch house, a Stefan Antoni-designed property, you can get a Tuscan-style house. A Tudor-style - all manner of property here," she said. So the cheapest way to send money to South Africa

"Because it is on the coast and just out from Camps Bay it offers a lot more value. So that's always been a very popular place - for all of our clients. In fact, I would say 30 to 40 percent of our clients have had interest in there."

cheapest way to send money to South Africa

Prospective buyers with less cash to spend urged to focus their search to a place called Sea Point. Which is closer to the centre of town and offers plenty of smart apartment complexes located by the water.

Ms McDermott revealed that areas such as Camps Bay tend not to attract attention from potential buyers. Because the area extremely windy and many put off by the fact that they not really getting value for money on property in the region.

Although it is a stunning place to visit from a tourism perspective. It has not been as popular as a place to buy property.

Prospective property buyers interested in acquiring real estate in South Africa are advised to use a reputable international money transfer company in order to make sure that their transaction goes smoothly as possible.

Consulting currency comparison firms also advisable to make sure that the best deal is secured.

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