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Organisation 'key to successful move abroad'

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People in the UK who are looking to set up home abroad have been advised to plan everything carefully before setting off.

According to Kimberley Millhouse, senior move manager at Crown Relocations, good organisation is critical if an aspiring expat wants their move to be a success.

This, she said, means they need to know before they depart the UK what amenities they should visit when they arrive, such as banks, pharmacies and shops.

Ms Millhouse stated that this could help to save time and stop expats experiencing "unnecessary stress".

Britons who are relocating to a new home were also encouraged to undergo intercultural training ahead of their move.

Would-be expats were told this could help them further their understanding of the country and culture in which they will soon be living. Ms Millhouse said they would therefore find the assimilation process much easier.

"It also helps to talk to people who are already there to find out what it is really like to move abroad," she commented.

People who are planning to emigrate were then encouraged to leave themselves plenty of time in which to get their important documents sorted.

This means customs forms, visas, passports and other necessary papers will have all been dealt with well ahead of their planned departure date.

Ms Millhouse added that expats should then ensure all their legal, medical and insurance records are put in a "safe and accessible place" when they are packing their possessions.

She said this would mean they "have these to hand quickly when required".

According to figures from NatWest International Personal Banking, 81 per cent of British expats have gone overseas in order to enjoy a better lifestyle. Statistics also indicated that the majority do not regret their move, with 87 per cent saying they believe they made the right decision.

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