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Currency exchange markets help foreign property buyers

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Overseas property buyers who are looking to make a purchase might want to cast an eye on homes in mainland Europe.

According to Liz Rowlinson, editor of A Place in the Sun magazine. Many purchasers from the UK had spent a period of time looking at emerging markets on the east of the continent.

However, she believes that since the onset of the global financial crisis four years ago. The appeal of these markets has waned and people have gone back to tried and tested destinations in Europe instead.

"We've seen a real return to perceived safe and established locations," Ms Rowlinson commented.

Spain and France were highlighted as two of the main hotspots for foreign property buyers from the UK. While Italy and Portugal also said to be attracting lots of interest.

Would-be purchasers might, therefore, benefit from looking at the relative values of sterling and the euro, as a business currency exchange comparison could help them get the most out of their money when entering into a transaction.

Currency exchange firms help foreign property buyers

Ms Rowlinson noted that Spain is receiving lots of attention from foreign property buyers at the moment. Partly because house prices have dropped significantly in the last few years.

As a result, it is now a highly affordable market for anyone who is looking to purchase a property in another country. Ms Rowlinson pointed out that people who do buy a house in the popular tourist hotspot at a knockdown price. Would also be able to enjoy the country's lifestyle attractions. Such as its beaches, amenities and excellent weather.

The expert added that France appeals to people from the UK. Because it is a regulated and stable market that is very easily accessible.

"All our feedback suggests that France and Spain are the strongest places for buyers by some measure," she remarked.

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