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Investors urged to visit property before buying

People who plan to purchase a property in another country have been urged to inspect it firsthand before handing over any money.

According to Brett Alegre-Wood, the founder of Your Property Club. The best thing a foreign property buyer can do before committing to a purchase is carried out lots of research. This, he said, means it is worth physically checking out a residence they have their eye on. So they can see for themselves whether it suits their needs.

"It is worth paying for an airfare and seeing the place before buying anything," Mr Alegre-Wood commented.

Foreign property investors also advised not to depend too heavily on what said at an exhibition. Indeed, Mr Alegre-Wood stressed that these events specifically designed to stir people's emotions. And make them believe a home really as good as the promotional literature suggests.

However, he said people often swayed by their feelings when it comes to buying a property abroad. Despite the huge financial implications.

BuyAssociation Money transfers

Mr Alegre-Wood added that since overseas property exhibitions often have legal experts on hand. They "set up to make you buy" straight away. He warned that this is "never a good thing", as people should not "just jump into it".

This backs up recent advice from Paul Collins, editor of BuyAssociation. Who urged foreign property buyers to do their homework before transferring money and committing to a deal.

He said this is especially important for those who have their eye on Spain. As recent economic problems mean buyers have the luxury of being "aggressive" with their offers and "very picky". When it comes to finding the right residence. Mr Collins added they need to carry out all the tasks they would undertake if they were purchasing a property at home. Such as making sure all the necessary legal checks completed. See

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