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France ideal to overseas property buyers

People in the UK who plan to purchase a foreign property have pointed towards France.

According to, the European country offers opportunities for both lifestyle and investment buyers.

Indeed, it stated that purchasers could potentially get healthy returns on their investment. Or perhaps find it offers ideal holiday homes, or maybe even somewhere to live permanently. said this means buyers will have to consider different factors. Depending on precisely why they want to make a purchase.

For instance, it stated that "hard data" including the stability of demand in a certain area will be an issue for an investment buyer. As well as the type of returns they can expect to collect.

Paris was said to be particularly popular with these individuals. Along with the French Alps and the Cote d'Azur. pointed out that for lifestyle buyers, other factors are more important.

"Transport links, nearby schools and even employment options can affect a decision. As well as the softer aspects of the atmosphere and that treasured mental image of the idea home," it commented.

French Alps and the Cote d'Azur Buyers market

Holiday home buyers and prospective expats advised that the Dordogne and the Charente areas particularly popular with these individuals. Indeed, said they both offer "postcard vistas and benign climate".

Nevertheless, the organisation stressed it wise not to generalise. As people's tastes. And preferences are just as varied as what the country has to offer.

"France has a way of surprising you," it observed. See more See more

For example, noted that a family that wants to "enjoy a self-sustaining lifestyle". On a plot of affordable land could find somewhere that offers excellent value for money further inland.

This comes shortly after figures from Rightmove Overseas revealed. That France has been attracting a great deal of interest from aspiring real estate buyers in Britain over the last few months.

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