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France named as top country for expats with children

options instead of using a bank

Parents who are looking to transfer money online and move abroad with their children. Could find France a good place in which to set up home.

A new survey of expats by HSBC found that the European country rated as the best foreign destination in which to raise a child.

France has rated ahead of the Netherlands in the poll, while Australia came in at third.

This said partly because they offer an environment conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

For instance, more than half of the children who have relocated to France. Found to spend more time enjoying outdoor activities than they used to, such as sport.

HSBC noted that the findings are significant because of France. The Netherlands and Australia did not rank as highly when it came to the economic advantages of living in a country. Such as the size of the salary they are likely to receive.

The company said this means money does not automatically result in happiness for expatriates.

France named as the top country for expats

"Those countries that provide the greatest benefits in terms of overall wealth, disposable income and luxuries are often those in which it is hardest for families to bed down and integrate. And in which childcare and general standards of health and well-being are perceived to be poorer," it commented.

Britain was ranked as one such nation, along with the USA. While figures also showed that expats living in these places do not believe their children are as safe as they were at home.

As a result, those who are looking at transferring money to another country. Before relocating might want to look beyond financial and economic matters and base their decisions on lifestyle factors that could affect them.

This comes after research by the Post Office found that one in three 18 to 34-year-olds from Britain. Thinking about moving overseas in order to advance in their career.

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