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Foreign property buyers pointed towards Asia

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Asia could offer a number of good opportunities to second home buyers who are looking to transfer money to another country.

According to, Malaysia is a particularly suitable option for those who want to buy a foreign property for lifestyle purposes.

This, it said, is because it boasts lots of natural beauty, an excellent climate and friendly locals.

Nick Marr, director of Noted that the country also offers a stable housing market and highly affordable prices.

He revealed foreign nationals currently account for two percent of those who are purchasing Malaysian properties at the moment.

However, Mr Marr suggested that it is probably not the best place for investment buyers to look at. As the chances of making quick returns are minimal.

"Malaysia is a choice about the lifestyle," he commented.

"People who return to Malaysia love the country, its people, its food. The beautiful landscapes and of course the warm ocean waters and everything else that Malaysia has to offer." Hence using a currency company to compare money transfers to Malaysia.

Malaysia good opportunities to second home buyers

Mr Marr went on to highlight Thailand as another option that second home buyers may want to consider.

He acknowledged that in the last few years, political disturbances have led to great uncertainty among both investment and lifestyle purchasers.

However, Mr Marr said the situation in Thailand now seems to have calmed down. Which means it could offer very good value for money to second home buyers in the UK.

Indeed, he stated that reduced demand for property in the country means prices are fairly low at the moment. As a result, those who enter the market sooner rather than later. Could benefit further down the line when it has returned to normality.

"The future seems to be good and as we all know. Buying early when others don't can mean great profits later," Mr Marr said.

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