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Florida property market 'full of bargains'

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Individuals may be looking to transfer money online in order to complete the purchase of a home abroad and they have been told there are bargains available if they look in Florida in the US.

According to Liz Rowlinson, editor at A Place in the Sun Magazine, the market in the US state is in a much better situation than some countries in Europe, such as Spain.

She highlighted the fact that there are a number of bargains out there that could persuade people to buy a holiday home in the US.

"It seems that the surplus stock is going down, people are buying and it isn't in such volumes as it is in certain areas of Spain," said Ms Rowlinson, who noted a lot of individuals are currently searching for property in Florida.

She explained a recent television show that focused on the state of the market in the south of the US has led to some people becoming "keener" to make a purchase.

"With Florida, there is not really a reason to wait - the bargains are there. I am hearing that there are new developments in Florida and they are building again, which is a positive sign," added the specialist, who also noted some individuals interested in the European property market are waiting to see what the next development is in terms of the state of the eurozone and the economic collapse of Greece.

Ms Rowlinson highlighted the fact the dollar is often seen as a safer investment than European currencies and this could be set to fuel extra interest in the property market in the US.

This comes shortly after Graham Downie, founder of Cognac Property Services, insisted France is not going to see a collapse in the housing sector similar to what has been witnessed in Greece and Spain over the course of the last few years.

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