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Expats cite reasons for leaving Britain

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British nationals who have set up home abroad have revealed what made them decide to pack up and leave.

According to research by NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB). The majority are heading abroad in order to enjoy a better lifestyle. Indeed, 81 percent of expats from the UK cited this as their primary motivation.

However, the study showed that many other factors are also driving migration around the world.

For instance, NatWest IPB found that more than two-thirds of expats left the UK. In order to take up a job offer. Meanwhile, over a third emigrated because their partner had to move abroad and 11 percent wanted to join their family.

In addition, nearly one-quarter of respondents said they had become disillusioned with living in the UK. And almost one in five stated they chose to study overseas.

The traditional image of a British expat is one of a well-off retiree enjoying the quiet life in places such as Spain. But the findings show Britons who live abroad have all sorts of reasons guiding their decisions. As a result, international money transfer services. Are likely to remain in high demand from a wide variety of people who are living out of the country.

NatWest International Personal Banking

NatWest IPB found the majority of expats are integrating well into their new home. With 69 percent embracing the country they now live in and all of its customs.

Therefore, many do not regret their decision to leave the UK behind. With 87 percent saying it was the right move for them to take.

Dave Isley, Head of NatWest IPB, commented: "Expats are continuing to boldly move abroad and are experiencing new cultures. Traditions and customs. Over two-thirds are successfully immersing themselves in their new society which is hugely encouraging.

"Integrating with local communities is key to making the most of their move."

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