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Expats advised to check import rules before moving

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People from the UK who are planning to relocate to another country. Have been encouraged to find out what the import rules are in their prospective home.

According to Kimberley Millhouse, the senior move manager at Crown Relocations. Many countries have rules regarding forbidden and restricted items.

This, she said, means expatriates need to know what these regulations are in their chosen destination before committing to moving.

Ms Millhouse insisted it is "vital" people know what restrictions are in place. And suggested they "check with a relocation expert early in the process".

Being familiar with the rules could be especially important if an expat wants to take their car with them.

"Your vehicle must be compliant with relevant emission standards and. In some cases, must be under a certain age," Ms Millhouse commented.

Britons who plan to move overseas also encouraged to think about. Whether any electrical goods will still work in their new home.

Currency Exchange Import Rules

Ms Millhouse said this is because there are international differences when it comes to power and voltage. Which means people may need to change the plugs on their devices if they wish to continue using them.

She went on to suggest that expats think carefully beforehand. About which specific items and possessions they wish to take abroad. For Currency Exchange Import Rules.

"You might think having your belongings around will help you settle in quicker. In which case don't be too hasty to get rid of everything," Ms Millhouse said.

She added that expats need to make sure they have important documents such as passports stored in a safe place. So they do not accidentally get put in a shipping container.

This comes after a study by NatWest International Personal Banking. Revealed the majority of British expats are heading abroad in order to enjoy a better lifestyle. Indeed, 81 percent respondents cited this as their primary motivation.

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