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Egypt recommended to property investors

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Egypt has been flagged up as a good option for overseas property buyers in the UK to consider.

According to Jane Akshar, owner of, the outlook for the north African nation's property market is extremely positive.

Indeed, she noted that demand is currently very strong among both domestic buyers and investors from other countries.

Ms Akshar acknowledged that the market is fairly "stagnant" at the moment, but said it is likely to grow considerably when the new president is in place.

Furthermore, she pointed out that the Egyptian government is heavily in favour of development and sales at the moment, while both presidential candidates are keen to attract more foreign expatriates to the country.

As a result, more overseas property investors in the UK could be set to transfer money to Egypt to Egypt and perhaps set up home in places such as Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh.

"With year-long sunshine, great climate and masses of history, Egypt will always be attractive to foreign visitors," Ms Akshar commented.

egypt property for sale

She noted that the country offers excellent property prices at the moment, while building standards and the quality of its furnishings have improved considerably in recent years and are comparable to those in western nations.

Aspiring expats were advised that if they settle in Egypt, they can enjoy reduced living costs, partly because the country's warm climate means they do not have to pay heating bills.

Ms Akshar added that people should find it "cheap and quick" to head back to the UK from time to time, as the nation is well served by budget airlines that offer journey times of just four and a half hours.

This comes after research by NatWest International Personal Banking found that 81 percent of British expats packed up and left Britain in order to enjoy a better lifestyle, while more than two-thirds relocated so they could take up a job offer.

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