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Brits have lots of planning to move USA

People in the UK who are planning to set up home in the US have been advised there are many issues they must consider beforehand.

According to Les Calvert, director at How they plan to generate an income is the most important issue, as they must be able to find employment.

Aspiring expats also encouraged to consider their healthcare needs. As it can be "quite expensive" in the US.

Mr Calvert said this means people from the UK need to take out a health insurance policy. And ensure their day-to-day budget accounts for this expense.

Those who relocating with their families then advised considering education provision in their chosen destination.

Indeed, he said would-be expats need to think about issues. Such as whether they want their child to be educated in a private or state school. See

Regular payments for health care overseas

Mr Calvert added that people from the UK looking to move to the US. Will also have to consider their immigration status and obtain a Green Card.

"When you look at the average property price in the UK and the cost of living. It is certainly something that needs more investigation. If you are thinking of upping sticks completely from the UK," he commented.

However, he stressed there are "nice places" in the country for expats to live in. With many areas offering both a good standard of living and favourable exchange rates. This could be valuable for those who need to transfer money to the UK from time to time.

Mr Calvert also pointed out that there is no language barrier for Britons to overcome if they choose to set up home in the US.

This comes shortly after Marc Da-Silva of noted that Florida is proving particularly popular with buyers from other countries. Indeed, he said there has recently been a "significant" surge in the number of foreign. And domestic buyers purchasing homes in the US state.

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