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British expats head to Australia

People from the UK who want to relocate abroad are continuing to find Australia an attractive option.

According to figures from the Home Office. The country has been the most popular place for British expats over the last two decades.

Nearly half of those who left for the country last year said they intend to spend at least four years living there. While just over four intend to stay there for up to two years.

Australia's appeal could lie partly in the fact it is an English-speaking nation. Which means expats from the UK do not have to overcome a language barrier after relocating.

This may also explain why destinations including Canada. New Zealand and the USA are also very popular options among Britons who are moving abroad.

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However, language is not the decisive factor for everybody. As evidenced by the continuing appeal of Spain, Germany and France.

Figures from the Home Office showed that work is the main reason why British emigrants are choosing to leave.

Many of the UK citizens who are heading abroad were found to be people in professional or managerial jobs.

"This may have implications for the availability of skills in the UK for the availability of skills in the UK." The Home Office commented.

"In 2010, almost one-half of British emigrants were previously in professional or managerial roles."

This reinforces the findings of a recent study by NatWest International Personal Banking. Which noted that many people from the UK are relocating to major business centres outside Europe. Online Business international payments

The firm put this down to the fact that businessmen and women from Britain have a very good reputation around the globe. As they have extensive expertise and a highly "ethical and transparent" approach to their jobs.

NatWest International Personal Banking also pointed out English has become the leading language in today's globalised market. So people from the UK have a definite advantage when it comes to securing jobs across the globe.

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