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Cheapest way to send money transfer to Australia

Many Brits may look to engage foreign exchange companies and pack up for Australia. Following the advice of magazine Australian Property Investor.

According to the publication's editor, Eyans Brodie. Australia is a relatively easy transition from the UK if deciding upon a move.

"Our education system, land availability and business opportunities make Australia an attractive proposition for the UK and other overseas investors," she commented.

"Australia is also politically safe and foreigners can borrow up to 80 percent. Just like Australians. For the purposes of buying property. "

Her statement comes after Colliers International Research found that those in the UK were the most active buyers of Queensland residential property for four years running up until 2009/10.

Mr Brodie continued: "Many investors from English-speaking countries such as the UK. Have an affinity with Australia and our way of life. Having been here on holidays or having family who resides here."

The Cheapest way to send money to Australia

She said that the lack of language barriers and cultural similarities made Australia a "relatively easy transition" for sun-seeking Brits. See Cheapest way to send money to Australia

In 2010, the UK slipped to third place in the top ten rankings of foreign investors in Queensland. Falling behind China and South Africa.

"Anecdotal evidence shows that foreign investors generally like to buy real estate close to universities and transport infrastructure. Such as capital city locations," Mr Brodie explained.

"Also, the majority seem to prefer buying apartments and townhouses, as opposed to freestanding houses."

The region recently reported that, despite flat growth at the moment, the property market was the best in the world in terms of value growth.

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