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This is our new currency audit form. Fill out the details and we will tell you if you're being ripped off by your broker or bank.

With so many foreign exchange companies saying they are cheaper than high street banks, it is hard to confirm if they really are. Now using compare money transfer bank exchange rates tables you can now see exactly how much you are going to save. But what if you use a currency exchange company on a regular basis?

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To help us work out the best currency exchange rate for you we need to see how much you are being charged so if you can supply as much information as possible it will help us secure you the best rate possible

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Are getting ripped off by your currency company?

Unfortunately there are some currency exchange brokers that widen the foreign exchange rates once you have used them several times where they are trying to maximise on their profits rather than giving you a fair deal. Compare Money Transfers audit form is here to see if you are getting ripped off by your currency company.

Am I getting a good deal from my currency provider?

Just complete the form providing as much information about the currency trade as possible, Compare transfer money team then use this information and then look at our historical currency exchange charts to give you an indication of the rate you should expect to get. There will always be a variance due to the time sent may have been later than you were told but what we are looking for are major fluctuations where it is clear they are offering you a wider rate of exchange. If you a getting a good deal from your current provider we will also be honest and say so!