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LCG Plc Review - London Capital Group Forex Trading

Company: London Capital Market
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FCA Regulated

London Capital Markets PLC for Forex market and another betting, financial markets, commodities market and others have today changed drastically. These markets now function completely in a different manner than the way it functioned before. Forex and capital markets rather all the markets are now moving with technology and new trends. There has been a great increase in the number of traders entering into the Forex market.

Forex and capital market has always been a fascination and attraction for the traders to enter this market. Unlike previous times Forex market have now millions of people engaged in Forex trading globally. This market is functioning around the globe for twenty – four hours throughout the year. Thanks to internet and online marketing, which had multiplied the expansion of Forex market and so has it created the smooth functioning of the Forex markets.

Nowadays we can see more transparency, clarity in the Forex market. The availability of high degree of liquidity in Forex trading has also been one of the most appealing factors for the traders to enter into foreign exchange trading.

You can do your Forex trading sitting at your home, at your office or even while travelling and today you need not go to another place for your trading transactions. PC, Desktop, Mobile Phones and other technology tools are available for making your trading more simpler, easy and faster at your convenience with various latest trading platforms.

London Capital Market is an online CFD and Forex broker owned by London Capital Group Holdings Plc, London. London Capital Group is also a regulated company by Financial Conduct Authority and listed on London stock exchange.

London Capital Group PLC

It is well known in the market for the competitive spreads that it provides to its traders. London Capital Group ensures to make available a stable and secure trading environment for its traders via its robust MT4 trading platform. It allows its traders to trade currencies, commodities and the stock indices too. No live support further makes trading slow and confused.

However, my experiences with them have seen that London Capital Group creates many limitations for trading. There are not various options available as only one account option is there and have restrictions in currency trading limited to trade only in three major currencies of the world.

This trading in only three currencies restricts the expansion of the trader. For reliability and security of funds, London Capital Group is very good. One can totally rely upon them. They provide tight spreads but are expensive in commission charging for every spreads in comparison to other online brokers.

London Capital Group is poor at customer support and service. It is difficult to be in touch with them. Since live chat is not available, you can communicate with them through email and phone for five days a week. Their phones are difficult to get through and emails are answered after a couple of reminders only.

London Capital Markets Review. Hence trading gets badly effect because of their low customer services and support. But barring that, vouch for London Capital Group for reliability, transparency and trust except for the lack of good customer support.

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