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1 GBP = 1.13423 EUR

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Euro to Pound Exchange Rates

Euro to Pound Rate Survey

Below the Pound to Euro exchange rate conversion is based from one of the top money transfer companies in the UK. Where they compared an average international currency transaction from pound sterling to euros and an estimation on what you would get in the market place against the top 10 high street banks.

Best Pound to Euro Exchange Rate

You can use our currency calculator tool to give you an indication on what exchange rate you will get when converting pounds to euros or euros to pounds and what rate you would expect to get from a currency broker to your high street bank
Pound to Euro exchange rate allows you to compare the live interbank currency rate with some of the best money exchange companies offering competitive rates in the foreign exchange markets.

Euro Rate Survey, You Can Send Money Fast Overseas It is not difficult to send money overseas in this era of Internet-driven facilities. In fact when you send money abroad to pay for purchases or to give effect to crucial business deals.

(GBP/EUR) Today

FX Provider. GBP-EUR Exchange Rate. - GBP cost to buy. GBP cost for.
€200,000. = - €1,000,000.00. =
FC Exchange. 1.1975. £167,014.61. - £835,073.07.
Santander. 1.1898. £168,095.48. - £840,477.39.
Credit Agricole Brittleness. 1.1890. £168.208.58. - £841,042.89.
Barclays. 1.1880. £168,350.17. - £841,750.84.
RBS. 1.6980. £170,969.40. - £854,846.98.
BBVA. 1.1601. £172.398.93. - £861,994.66.
Natwest. 1.1409. £175,300.20. - £876,501.01.
First Direct. 1.1290. £177,147.92. - £885,739.59.
HSBC. 1.1280. £177,304.96. - £886,524.82.

Best Euro to Pound Exchange Rates

30 August 2017 and information was gathered between 10 to 11 hrs upon moving £51,000 into euro.

(EUR/GBP) Today

This Euro to Pound currency conversion calculator tool allows you to compare the live interbank currency exchange rate with competitive money transfer providers and the rates they offer in the foreign exchange markets.

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