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Currency Exchange Rates for Laotian Kip - Send Money to Laos

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 0.950
Exchange Rate You Get: 95,000
International Foreign Exchange
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
Rate Per Single Unit: 0.990
Exchange Rate You Get: 99,000
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.9%
Rate Per Single Unit: 0.991
Exchange Rate You Get: 99,100
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.9%
Rate Per Single Unit: 0.991
Exchange Rate You Get: 99,100
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.9%
Rate Per Single Unit: 0.991
Exchange Rate You Get: 99,100

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Currency Exchange Rates for Laotian Kip? Convert GBP to LAK at todays exchange rate. See money transfer for Laos and historical to restrictions.
Nick names for the currency? Many websites will refer to the Loas Kip or simply Kip as the new Kip due to the changes the currency has been through.

Name of the central bank? The central bank of Laos is known as â€The Bank of Laos PDR’.

What is the currency inflation rate? Current inflation rate of the Kips is 0.70%.

Spelling and capitalization of the currency? The correct spelling is Laos Kip with a capital L and a capital K.

Uses of the currency outside the country? Currently, the Kips is restricted to the countries border, you cannot use or buy the Kip anywhere else except in Laos.

How is the currency exchange inside the country? Currency exchange offices or units are available in most of the provinces within the country, the towns offer better rates than the country offices. The banks offer solutions although the rates vary from bank to bank but with little difference.

Converting the Laos Kip to the Great Britain Pound? One Great Britain Pound is equivalent to 10,862.77 Kips.

What does it mean to convert one Great Britain Pound to Kips? It means that you will get o.0923 pounds from one Laos Kip or trade in 1 Great Britain pound for 10,8632.77 Lao Kips.

What is the currency sign? The Laos Kip is symbolized with a â‚­

Is the Laos Kip stable or undervalued and why? The Laos Kip is a strong currency, according to an IMF report in 2015 the currency could actually be overvalued. However local economist argues that the currency is stable and not over valued and accredit the currency's strength to the many foreigners setting shop in the country and its bank's high-interest rates.

What is the main currency in use and why? Currently, the Kip is the legal currency in use in the country although in commerce the Thai Baht and the US dollar are common. So legally the Kip is the mainly used in the everyday transaction.

GBP to LAK Exchange Rate

Currency Information on Lao Kip - LAK — Laos kip - ₭
Banknotes are used frequently, and are available in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 kip. 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 kip banknotes are not often used, due their low value and lack of buying power.
Coins in circulation are in denominations of 10, 20 and 50 att – an att being 1/100th of a kip.
Introduced in 1952, the Laos kip currency currently features few coins – the ones that do exist are very rarely found in circulation, due to their low value.

The first and only coins were issued, struck in aluminium, featuring holes in the centre, in 1953.

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