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Currency Exchange Rates for Honduran lempira - Send Money to Honduras

Voltrex FX
FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.7%
100,000 gets you: 99,300 eur
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.50%
100,000 gets you: 99,500 eur
International Foreign Exchange
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
100,000 gets you: 99,000 eur
Coutts Currency Exchange
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
100,000 gets you: 95,000 eur
Allied Irish Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
100,000 gets you: 95,000 eur

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Convert GBP to HNL

Currency Exchange Rates for Honduran lempira? Convert GBP to HNL at todays exchange rate. See money transfer for Honduras and historical to restrictions.

Nicknames for the Honduran Lempira? 

Name of Central Bank

The Banco Central De Honduras (Central Bank of Honduras) is the bank in charge of the Honduran Lempira. The bank has been in charge of printing paper money since 1950.
Inflation Rate?

As of June 2017, the inflation rate in Honduras was 3.65%. From 1991 to 2017, the average inflation rate is 11.50%. The least it has ever been is 2.10% in November 2015.
Spelling and Capitalization 

The Honduran Lempira is spelt with both words beginning with a capital letter. Its code is HNL while its sign is L.
Use of the currency outside the country

Lempiras are neither usable nor exchangeable in countries other than Honduras except in some border towns.
Exchanging currency in the country

Euros, US dollars and other currencies can be exchanged at banks, ATMs and Bureau de Exchanges that are available in many parts of Honduras.
Converting from GBP pounds to HNL

GBP pounds can be easily converted into HNL through various exchange bureaus and banks.
What does GBP to HNL mean?

According to the current exchange rate, you will get 29.0679 HNL. It is important to note that this rate changes from time to time and it may not be this when you want to change currency. 

What is the sign for the HNL?

L is the symbol of the Lempira. It is placed in front of the amount. For instance, L50 refers to fifty Lempiras.
Is HNL stable or undervalued? 

The HNL is depressed but stable. It is not undervalued but not doing the best it can. It is believed that it can do much better and be of more value in the world markets.
What are the main currencies in use and why?

In Honduras, the main currency in use is the Lempira. Many places however do accept payments in dollars. When visiting the country visitors are advised to have Lempiras and US dollars in cash. 

GBP to HNL Exchange Rate

Currency Information on Honduran Lepmpira - HNL — Honduran lempira – L
Coins are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20 and 50 centivos, and banknotes are available in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 lempira.
Subdivided into 100 centavos, the lempira was introduced in 1931, and replaced the peso at a ratio of 1:1. In the 1980’s one dollar was equal to 2 lempira, but recently the lempira has decreased in value and one dollar is now equal to around 22 lempira.

The name ‘Lempira’ comes from the cacique lempira, a 16th-century ruler, renowned in folklore for leading the native resistance against the conquistador forces.

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